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AI in finance

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Chair’s welcome and introduction

Nadia Abouayoub, Strategist & Innovation in Banking


Ethics & Regulation – AI (Machine Learning) Challenges In Financial Fairness

Machine-learning is used in a wide variety of contexts from trying to replicate human sensory interpretation to mining massive datasets.

Machine-learning has been used in financial services for decades, however, the confluence of larger datasets, increased connectivity, and distributed computing power has resulted in a torrent of applied systems, many old in design, some new.

Michael will provide a swift survey of some of the applications that are increasingly applied to sustainable investment, e.g. asset mapping & tracking, smart ledger timestamping, idea mining, and trade surveillance.

He will also touch on some of the dangers and perils in the application of machine-learning in finance. He will conclude with some of the paradoxes that machine learning poses in ethics and regulation.

Some learning points include:

  • Machine learning and AI ethical issues are not new,but are now more complex.
  • There are two different standards for evaluating machine learning applications, the human and the statistical.
  • Bias in machine learning systems cannot be removed, but it can be governed.

Michael Mainelli, Co-Founder, Z/Yen Group


Seeing the future without looking at the past, the ultimate utopia for current reality?

How to implement a fully transparent and explainable approach to order flow analytics in financial markets

  • Limitations of Neural Networks and other types of trained machine learning approaches
  • Results of live (in production) Quantum computing applied to the more volatile asset classes including Meme stocks and Crypto.

Dr. Jeremy Sosabowski, AlgoDynamix


How AI & Blockchain can reshape the Finance Ecosystem

  • What is wrong with the existing financial landscape and how can this be changed
  • Has AI improved the ecosystem? If not, why not?
  • Why would a financial world powered by Blockchain & AI beneficial to society?

Morgan Deane, CEO, Baader Helvea & Director, nChain


Chairman’s final remarks and close