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Responsible AI Series

Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks. Applications and Challenges

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Join us for a series of online events where we will discuss AI and machine learning

We will bring together AI and domain experts to discuss how best to use machine learning in finance, defence, transport, energy and healthcare.

How can I apply machine learning to help solve our business challenges? How do I build and maintain my customers’ trust and confidence? Will AI ever become truly autonomous?

AI and machine learning are becoming ubiquitous in our society and are increasingly used in high risk sectors. This poses a whole set of ethical, trust and legal challenges.

You will hear some of the latest cutting-edge research and discuss how best to use ML to meet future challenges. Delve into current and future applications such as drug discovery, financial forecasting, fusion in defence, autonomous vehicles, maintenance and repair and digital twins.

The sessions will also help you to question what you think you know, evaluating bias in all its forms and the problems stemming from machine learning and data analysis. You’ll also explore legal and ethical responsibility and regulation, as well as ways to develop future-proofed responsible AI systems that build and maintain trust and confidence.